Los Angeles Comic-Con announces in person event, though conventions are still banned in CA

     The L.A. Comic-Con announced that it will be pursuing their plan to hold an in-person Comic-Con in December, although California does not allow large gatherings such as conventions and conferences in the present time. In a Sunday announcement, the event organizers explained that they have been working on the L.A. Convention Center to make an event that will be both safe and fun for attendees. The annuel Comic-Con is a gathering where fans of comics, books, movies and television can come-which lasts for 3 days. The convention features celebrities, who are part of that subject. Ex: Gal Gadot appeared with her co-stars at a Wonder Women conference with fans watching them. The Comic-Con announcement reads: “SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. If any time LA County Health or the Mayor’s Office determine we can’t have a safe show, we’ll postpone and reschedule. And all the tickets bought will have 100% ROLL-OVER/REFUND GUARANTEE.” Many other Comic-Cons have decided to have a virtual show, such as the San Diego Comic-Con, and the New York Comic-Con. This year, the L.A. Comic-Con booked the entire L.A. Convention Center for more room for guests to be socially distant while also enjoying their time. Each day will be split into two sessions with up to 12,000 people each (Last year the convention had more than 123,000 guests). Masks will be mandatory for everyone, and will be provided for free for those who need. There will be cleaning between each session, and for those who feel that it is not safe or they just cannot make it, fans will be able to watch the livestream in its main panels.

  • L.A. Comic-Con will have an in person show though CA doesn’t allow that 

  • Masks are required and there will be cleaning between each session

  • No more than 12,000 guests at a time, and last year more than 123,000 people showed up

  • Many celebrities normally show up

  • Comic-Con is one of the biggest fan conventions for fans of comics, books, movies, and TV


Source: L.A. Times

Written by Yarden

President Trump’s Tax Returns get leaked

    On Sunday the 27, the New York Times leaked President Trump's tax returns. It had been a tradition over the past 40 years to release their tax returns every year, however Trump refused to release his. Somehow the New York Times found his tax returns. They won’t tell anyone who actually leaked them, however many people have not been happy about this. What they released showed that Trump did not pay taxes for 10 out of 15 years, and in 2016 and 2017 he only paid $750. Some people think this is hard to believe when taxes are around 40% of the income you make, while others think that it would make sense, if he lost a lot of money. In a press conference on Sunday (the day it got released) when he got asked about the tax returns he said the report was “totally fake news” and that “I pay a lot”, although he won’t give any more specifics of how much he paid. The question still remains, did President Trump legally pay his taxes?

  • President Trump Broke the tradition of President’s releasing their tax returns

  • After years of not seeing Trump's tax returns, Someone leaked President Trump's tax returns to the New York Times

  • He did not pay taxes for 10 out of 15 years

  • Trump says those tax returns are fake


Sources: https://www.cpapracticeadvisor.com/tax-compliance/news/21156004/leaked-trump-taxes-claim-president-paid-750-in-2016-2017-deductions-questioned and https://www.nytimes.com/ 




Written by Hannah