First Presidential Debate

     On Tuesday September 29, was the first Presidential debate, between President Donald Trump, and Vice President Joe Biden. In 2020 there are four presidential debates, one of which is with the Vice Presidents, Vice president Mike Pence, and Kamala Harris.  A lot of people were disappointed on how this debate turned out. The debate ended up being very chaotic with everyone talking at once in multiple points. The rules that are meant to be followed are the following. In response to each question the moderator asks, each candidate has two minutes without interruptions, and then they can discuss among each other. Although these are the clear rules President Trump still interrupted Biden way more than average, according to CBS news, President Trump cut in 73 times. All the times Trump interrupted Biden, led Biden to say “shut up”. After the debate on Tuesday the committee that oversees the Presidential debates said they will be making changes. They are considering cutting microphones if you break the rules, nothing is for sure though. Some people think that Biden shouldn’t go to the next debates, because Trump keeps on interrupting him. What do you think about all of this?

  • The first presidential debate happened

  • The rules weren’t always followed

  • President Trump interrupted Vice President Biden 73 times

  • The presidential debate committee is considering muting microphones of the candidates

  • Some people think Biden shouldn’t go to the next debates

Sources: Sources:New York Timesand CBS

Written by Hannah

Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

     At Midnight on Friday October 2, President Trump announced that unfortunately he tested positive for COVID-19 and was going to begin his 2 week quarantine. After Hope Hicks, President Trump’s advisor started feeling sick with the symptoms of the virus on the way back from a rally on Wednesday, but was flying back with Trump. They tested her and on Thursday evening it was public that she was positive. After this was known President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were tested. Then at midnight on Friday the 2nd, the President announced that him and his wife were positive. President Trump has mild Covid symptoms. They are still in the process of contact tracing for Hope Hicks and Trump and Melania. This is very unfortunate for a bunch of reasons. From Biden's perspective this is also extremely unfortunate because at the Presidential debate on Tuesday everyone was tested beforehand and was negative, however it could take a few days for the results to show positive. Also at the debate President Trump and Vice President Biden, weren’t wearing masks. Everyone that was in the live audience were required to wear masks at all times during the event. However it was reported that President Trump’s Family that was there came in wearing their masks, but once they got to their seats took off their masks. During a break someone went up to them and told them to put on their masks, but they refused. Hopefully everyone who got COVID-19 will recover.

  • Trump reported he has COVID-19

  • Hope Hick had it before

  • It could have spread at the debate

  • Melania Trump also tested positive

  • Trump’s Family refused to wear a mask when watching the debate


Written by Hannah

Rat Wins Medal for Bravery for Sniffing out Landmines

    Magawa, the landmine sniffing rat, recently won a medal for sniffing out 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions in his career. Magawa is the first rat of the 30 animal recipients of the award. The PDSA’s Gold Medal is an animal award that honors the animals who risk their lives to save people’s lives. Magawa saved so many lives, and it just shows how important animals are to everyone’s well being.

  • A rat won a medal of bravery for sniffing out 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions in his career

  • First rat to win PDSA’ Gold Medal

  •  PDSA is an animal award that honor


Sources: BBC

Written by Gabriel