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About US


    At kids4news we are a news website that creates news for kids, by kids. Everything on the website is created by kids, including the website itself. We publish 4-7 paragraphs on Mondays and Thursdays weekly, each paragraph is sorted into one of our 11 categories. We strive to create articles that are understandable for kids of a variety of different ages. One way we do that is putting bullet points that summarize the main ideas in the article. We’ve discovered that news websites, even those for kids are overcomplicated or too simple. We believe that having kids write the news is more efficient, because kids are more likely to know what other kids want more than adults are. Since we don’t have reporters report on top news stories, we write our sources from which we got the information in the paragraph. Kids4News has writers from age 10-15. If you, or your kids, have any questions or concerns, or would like to write for us, contact us at 

Gabriel age 13, Eliana age 11, Ayelet age 11, Yarden age 11, Hannah age 11

Editors of News for Kids

Mission Statement

    Our mission here at Kids4News is to prioritize crucial news for kids in an unbiased way. We think that kids shouldn't have to read pages and pages of news, so we strive to make sure kids get the news in a simple and friendly fashion. We also believe that news for kids should be written by kids, so everything you see on this website is made by kids, including the website itself. By doing this we hope to educate kids all over the country and create a safe place for kids of all ages to read the news.

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